Recessed commercial awnings in Bermondsey

Recessed commercial awnings are the neatest awning solution when you are having a complete shop front refurbishment and, ideally, our Design Team should be brought in at the very earliest stage in order that an appropriate recess can be built into the specification. SQ2 recessed commercial awnings are unique amongst similar products in that the front profile has been designed to merge completely with the shopfront facia.  No other so-called recessed awning can achieve this feat and, when retracted, the awning front profile will, unlike the SQ2, still stand untidily proud of the shop front. This SQ2 recessed commercial awning at José on Bermondsey Street is a recent iSQ2 installation. The awning profile has been powder coated to match the shop facia and, as can be seen in the images of the awning retracted, a completely flush fitting results. The awning is remotely controlled by a wireless switch and the sunny awning fabric chosen presents a striking contrast which highlights the Mediterranean feel of the venue

Most tapas bars in London are actually just Spanish-themed restaurants serving small plates, but José is the closest you’ll get to an actual tapas bar. Like in Spain, everything arrives on little plates, it’s always packed, and you’ll either eat standing or sat on a bar stool. The atmosphere is one reason that it’s been one of the best and most consistent Spanish restaurants in town since opening back in 2011.

Bermondsey suffered severe damage in World War II bombing and the famous dockside became virtually redundant in the 1960s following the collapse of the river trade. After standing derelict for some years, many of the wharves were redeveloped under the umbrella of the London Docklands Development Corporation during the 1980s. They have subsequently  been converted into a mixture of up market residential and commercial premises.

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