Nomo all weather awning installed in Surrey

This fabulous Nomo All Weather free standing awning has been installed by us at an exclusive residence in the county of Surrey. The requirement was for an awning which would completely cover the deck area and provide variable shelter, not only in the sunny summer days but also in the cooler times we experience in spring and autumn.  This particular Nomo awning has its stylish aluminium framework finished in a contemporary anthracite finish with contrasting cream waterproof fabric  which covers completely the attractive deck area of this modern home.

The slim aluminium framework belies a robust system which will deal with just about every type of weather thrown at it with the exception of snow. Able to withstand a wind speed of Beaufort scale 8,  and completely waterproof, the Nomo awning deflects water from the roof by a subtly curved profile  into side gutters and then down to be expelled via downpipes neatly contained within the framework uprights.

The awning itself is completely retractable so that, when open, your patio, or other garden area, is open to the sky but, at the press of a remotely held wireless switch, complete cover is created.

Numerous alternative options are available with the Nomo awning system including flexible or rigid side screens and variable lighting effects which can be neatly integrated into the frame.

In the case where a large area is needed for cover then it is possible to link multiple Nomo awnings together to provide this facility.

The Nomo awning will be fitted by Deans own experienced installers who will have been trained in the special requirements required to install these awning correctly at the Pratic factory in Italy. Covered by a five year Guarantee you can be confident that your Nomo awning will give you years of service and will be the source of special family memories in the future.

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