Bespoke approach canopy at The Baglioni Hotel

Our designers are frequently called upon to create unique solutions for complex installations. This three dimensional approach canopy, which we have made for the Baglione Hotel in Kensington, winds its way down a twisting staircase and into the popular Brunello Bar and Restaurant.   Stability as well as aesthetics are important in this sort of installation and the construction methods we use to manufacture and install complex arrangements such as this means that, not only is the finished result  visually appealing, but the structure is sound and robust enough to deal with the vagaries of our British weather. The Bullnose shape used here is extremely popular and particularly robust but we also can install other shapes including those with basket or a pitched apex  shape. Branding is also often applied which gives the awning even more presence and acts as a signpost to a business entrance. Sometimes an awning like this can even be used to provide an attractive  covered walkway between two adjoining buildings.

This complex approach awning descends the steps of the Baglione Hotel into the entrance for their Italian Brunello Bar and Restaurant.  The restaurant is inspired by Milanese trattorias of the 50s, the restaurant offers guests the experience of traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary twist set within a luxurious setting.  The Baglione Hotel is a taste of Italy right here in the heart of London’s Kensington offering luxury and elegance in equal measure

Kensington is a wealthy area within central London comprising  stately Victorian buildings, many of which house National Embassies. There are popular destinations for tourists including the Palace of Kensington and the famous Science and Natural History Museums.  The Royal Albert Hall hosts concerts featuring International starts  from classical to pop. High end shoppers are well catered for in the chic boutiques on Kensington High Street and Kensington Church Street’s antiques stores.

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