Special Deans shop blinds at Côte, Basingstoke

Traditional Deans Shop blinds today are often only considered as after-thoughts to a modern shopfront but in Victorian times awnings they were as integral to any building design as the display board and fenestration. To achieve an integrated look installation of awnings would be considered during the design phase and appropriate recesses made available. In this case, at one of our account customers, Côte in Basingstoke, we have also manufactured and installed traditional Victorian style shop blinds in such a way as they look as though they originally formed part of the store’s original structure. The covers on the Côte awnings are a special stripe which we create especially for this brand and which ensures uniformity across all outlets of this well-known café chain. As in all cases with our traditional awnings, timbers have been sourced from environmentally secure suppliers and finished with water-based paints.

Côte is inspired by the brasseries of Paris, serving authentic French dishes all day in their classically designed restaurants. Côte is committed to producing authentic French classics, freshly cooked to order, from the highest quality ingredients. Where possible these ingredients are sourced locally

Festival Place is a shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire, which opened on Tuesday, 22 October 2002. It houses over 200 shops including large stores such as Zara, Next, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Apple Store and HMV. There are also restaurants, bars, and cafés including this one at Côte.

Basingstoke is often nicknamed “Doughnut City” or “Roundabout City” because of the number of large roundabouts. Another little-known fact, which would surprise the visitor to modern day suburban Basingstoke, is the revelation that it was the site of two bloody battles. The first being the victory gained by Æthelred of Wessex and Alfred the Great over the Danes in 871. Then, in 904, Basingstoke saw a savage battle between Edward the Elder, Alfred’s only son, and his cousin Æthelwald. Friday nights after the pubs close isn’t quite the same!

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