Interior commercial blinds at Itsu Bristol

Interior commercial blinds can have many purposes. Primarily their use if to reduce heat and glare since overheating can have significant effects on health, well being and productivity in commercial buildings  which can drop 10% if the temperature rises above 30 Degrees C.  Climate change suggests this situation is unlikely  to improve and overheating and glare will increasingly be a problem in the future. Installation of internal commercial blinds can have a significant impact on reducing heat gain, at zero cost in energy consumption.

However, as can be seen by this example, Interior commercial blinds can also have additional benefits at a means of providing variable marketing messages.  Seen here  at Itsu on Broadmead in Bristol is an excellent example of the use of the blind to promote a message.  Both sides of the blind have been used to broadcast the health message to customers and passersby alike and the clear definition of the text has be achieved by the use of the special RAGS® branding system which is a feature at Deans.

Started in London in Chelsea, London 1997 ITSU has expanded considerably to over 50 branches and which are all over London and as far as Manchester, Leeds and now Bristol. There also branches Internationally, a particular favourite being in Mid Town New York.

Itsu makes light, nutritious dishes, the majority of which are under 500 calories. Their philosophy is ‘fresh not fried’, and dishes are  prepared and cook on the premises in every Itsu. Itsu do not operate a central production facility. Steamed vegetables, fresh fish, brown rice dishes, noodles and pot’soups are freshly prepared to eat in  or to  take away.

The name of the street was first recorded in 1383 as Brodemede. The name either means “broad meadow” or refers to brodemedes, a type of woollen cloth woven only in Bristol. The  old shopping district of Castle Street and Wine Street was heavily damaged in the Bristol Blitz and, in the 1950s, it was decided to redevelop the Broadmead area as the main shopping district of the city.

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