Wedge canopies at Sri Suwoon Pimlico

Wedge canopies have a particular advantage in that they can give a smooth, continuous, run of unbroken fabric which will enhance any building profile or, if necessary, conceal some elements of a building which may not be so attractive. Our Wedge canopies can be constructed in such a way that it is possible for them to follow the contours of the building, as in this job at the Sri Suwoon Restaurant in Pimlico.  These wedge canopies cover the double aspect of the building in a continuous band of colour spanning over fifteen meters. Wedge canopies can be adapted to fit on to most shop fronts using one of our many fixing bracket configurations. Wedge canopies may also be decorated, using our bespoke RAGS® graphics application system. In this case a simple text application to the lower frame was chosen but graphics can be applied to the entire cover if required.

The Sri Suwoon Thai style restaurant in Pimlico has introduced a modern menu that interprets the best of traditional Thai cooking. Authentic, thoughtfully sourced, ingredients are brought together to create dishes that will enchant and invigorate with their fresh fragrant flavours.  They also offer a specially selected range of wines from Europe and beyond  to enhance your favourite dish. A Take out service is also provided.

Originally known as Ebury or “Five Fields” Pimlico was so named during the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century. The writer, Ben Jonson, has written that ‘Pimlico is sometimes spoken of as a person, and may not improbably have been the master of a house once famous for ale of a particular description”. Tradition also says that  Pimlico  gets its name from Ben Pimlico, famous for his nut-brown ale and his tea-gardens in Hoxton. Hence we come by the term , the Pimlico Path and the connection of Hoxton to Pimlico.

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