Graphics to Deans shop-blinds

Graphics applied to our traditional shop blinds can be as simple as a standard text or extremely complex such as these graphics on the Deans traditional shop-blind we have just installed on Curzon Street in London’s West End. The graphic on this awning comprises the central Geo. F Trumper standard traditional text but all around this logo, and over the whole cover, a special graphics logo has been created and placed accurately to reflect the sophistication and detail in all the store’s wares. On this particular installation it was decided to discard the usual valance which appears on our traditional awnings so that no part of the this delightful traditional shop front would be obscured.

Geo. F. Trumper also known as G.F. Trumper, is a British luxury brands gentleman’s barbers/hairdressing and perfumers located in Curzon Street London.  Geo. F Trumper was established at about the same time as John Dean was setting up his blinds business in the 1890’s so we have quite a lot in common. Mr George Trumper, operated  from this shop at 9 Curzon Street in Mayfair. The interior retains the original mahogany cubicles and glass display cases which were installed a little late. Geo. F. Trumper now operates two retail locations, one in the original shop in Curzon Street, and a second one called the St. James’s Shop, in Duke of York Street, London. Trumpers also  sell shaving equipment, special  aftershaves and colognes, together with a small range of cufflinks and ties, umbrellas, canes and leather goods. Everything in fact for the well dressed gentleman about town.

As with many parts of London there is some juicy scandal attached to Curzon Street. In  Keith’s Chapel, close to the old Curzon Street Chapel,  before the Marriage Act of 1753, various clandestine marriages were carried out. These included a number of members of the aristocracy and were quite legal – the cost of the marriage certificate being one guinea – about £1.05p.

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