Gold leaf decoration to awnings

Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets by goldbeating and is often used for gilding. Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of carats and shades. The most commonly used gold is 22-carat yellow gold. Layering gold leaf over a surface is called gold leafing or gilding. Traditional gilding is the most difficult and highly regarded form of gold leafing. It has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years and is still done by hand. This form of decoration is still employed at Deans and our craftspeople use the same tried and test methods to apply gold leaf that have been used over the centuries. This traditional shopblind at Hudsons  was originally installed by Deans some years ago, at the time of their entire refurbishment, and most recently has been recovered in this new blue fabric with white and Gold leaf lettering.

Hudsons was founded in 2002 by Jonathan Hudson and their mission has always been to deliver a personal, first class customer experience that exceeds expectations and one which  always delivers excellent results. Honesty and integrity are core values at Hudsons and with years of experience, and an in-depth local knowledge that is hard to beat, Hudsons can help you with all your property  requirements.

Charlotte Street, formed in 1763, was named in honour of Queen Charlotte who married King George III in 1761. It was one of three streets in and around Fitzrovia which took her name. The other two have since been renamed Hallam Street and Bloomsbury Street. Fitzrovia itself was named after the Fitzroy Tavern, a public house on Charlotte Street. The boundary of Camden and Westminster runs along part of Charlotte Street.

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