Folding arm awnings for Orrery Restaurant

Folding arm awnings operate by spring or gas piston arms folding out from the wall to extend the awning, whilst keeping the fabric under tension. When retracted into the fully closed position, folding arm awnings take up a small amount of space. These can be encased with several options: non-cassette, semi-cassette or within a full-cassette housing which neatly conceals the arms and fabric when not required. This particular installation at the Orrery Restaurant shows  fully enclosed cassette awnings

Our folding arm awning fabrics are acrylic or polyester and are resistant to UV, water, mould and dirt (due to the application of various coatings). There is an extensive range of colours and patterns and a our sales department can advise you of these options. For commercial installations these can be decorated using our bespoke graphics facilities.

Operating a folding arm awning is easy. They can be manually operated by a winding handle fitted to a gearbox on one side, but automation makes the job simple. Just  pressing a button will extend or retract your awning and we recommend you also add a sun and wind sensor. A sun sensor will automatically extend  folding srm awnings to protect your window display items or customers enjoying outside dining.  The wind sensor will retract the folding arm awning automatically when the wind becomes too strong, protecting it from potential damage.

Awarded three AA Rosettes and with the prestigious Test of Time award by Tatler in 2016, Orrery boasts an elegant dining room on the first floor of a converted stable block. The space is brightened by the floor to ceiling arched windows, framing the St Marylebone Church courtyard, and flooding the restaurant with natural daylight. Following its recent refurbishment in January 2018, by David D’Almada of Sagrada, the furniture, artwork and textiles take inspiration from the south of France with details of lavender panelling and handmade terracotta clay pots.

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