Greenwich awning with a 23 carat touch for Moreau

Greenwich awning by Deans has recently been installed at the new Moreau outlet in Bruton Street, Mayfair. A particular feature of this Greenwich awning is the graphic text and Moreau logo which is in pure 23 carat gold leaf applied by our own craftsman on to the striking aqua coloured awning fabric. This awning, which blends traditional appearance with modern materials, has been manufactured entirely in our London factory which includes the powder coating carried out on our premises. The simplicity of the Greenwich awning is of  robust construction yet our careful use of modern materials prevents the more cumbersome look

Following openings in Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco, the French luxury leather goods brand has chosen Mayfair’s Bruton Street to open in London  adjacent to Bond Street. Moreau is  a French heritage brand, who also have a distribution partnership with the fashion house Joseph.

Bruton Street get it’s name from the rural Somerset town of the same name. The River Brue has a long history of flooding in Bruton. In 1768 the river rose very rapidly and destroyed a stone bridge. On the 28 June 1917, 242.8 mm of rain fell in 24 hours at Bruton leaving a water mark on one pub twenty feet above the normal level of the river. Bruton town also appears in the first line of the famous folk song Bramble Briar, or Jealous Brothers. It tells the story of a girl of noble birth who falls in love with a servant. However, her two brothers don’t approve and murder him leaving his body in a ditch. That night the girl dreams of her lover. He is dead and covered in blood. The following day, she goes out to the woods where she eventually finds the corpse in the briars. She kisses his dead lips and sits mourning with his body for three days. There is more to this gory tale but we leave you to listen to the song. Bramble Briar

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