Distinctive graphics on wedge canopies at the London Steakhouse

Distinctive graphics are immediately recognisable when applied to the Wedge style of canopy we have used on the famous Marco White inspired London Steakhouse, Middlesex Street, location. This style of canopy is an economical, strong, practical canopy ideal for  branding, in this case with the very bold London Steakhouse distinctive graphics. Our Wedge canopies are supplied in a fixed style  but its integral strength permits it to  withstand quite heavy weather when installed correctly. The canopy has numerous shop front fixing options and can even be fitted to some  signs or shutter-boxes. In this case they have been carefully surveyed so that the canopies fit neatly within the reveals of this modern building.

London Steakhouse Co comprises the original, and only, two steakhouses worldwide owned by Marco Pierre White. The distinctive graphics first appeared in 2008 and the award-winning London Steakhouse Co. City restaurant was the first and original Steakhouse to bear Marco’s name, followed a year later by London Steakhouse Co. Chelsea. Only the  finest quality steaks, grilled meat and fish are served to diners in the relaxing ambiance and comfort of these prestigious restaurants. Memorable desserts can be ordered if you still have room.

In Tudor times, Middlesex Street was known as Hogs Lane, a pleasant lane lined by hedgerows and elms. It is thought city bakers were allowed to keep pigs in the lane, outside the city wall; or possibly that it was an ancient droving trail. The lane’s rural nature changed, and by 1590, country cottages stood by the city walls. By 1608, it had become a commercial district where second-hand clothes and bric-à-brac were sold and exchanged, known as ‘Peticote Lane’. Which of course is now famous for the Petticoat Lane market we all know today. The original Peticote Lane was severely affected by the Great Plague of 1665; the rich fled, and London lost a fifth of its population., can you imagine such a catastrophe today  which equate now to 1.6 million souls?

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