Greene King choose Deans Blinds for Loch Fyne Awnings

Greene King has been a client of Deans Blinds for many years and we have installed traditional and commercial awnings for their many well known brands right across the UK. These latest  traditional Deans shop blinds and awnings are installed at the prestigious Loch Fyne Restaurant in St Catherines Street, off Drury Lane, in London. Manufactured by us in London since 1894 we still make these traditional Deans shop blinds in the same expert way but replacing some of the less environmentally safe components, such as lead paint , with much more modern and safe water based products. The arms are also no longer painted but powder coated in our London factory with a durable, polyester based, hardened finish.  The fabric covers may appear to be in traditional canvas but are in fact woven from modern polyester yarns which are both exceptionally durable and also soil and UV resistant.

The Loch Fyne Restaurant serves Oysters farmed from the rugged shores of Loch Fyne itself. Loch Fyne prides itself on provenance, quality and sustainability. There are now 34 Loch Fyne Restaurants up and down the country, providing fresh, sustainably sourced, flavoursome food. Loch Fyne and Greene King have maintained the relationship with the original Loch Fyne Oysters company in Argyll which supplies them with a broad range of seafood products which are served in all of their restaurants.

The Drury Lane Theatre main entrance is actually on Catherine Street, however, the term “Drury Lane” is often used to refer to the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, which has in different incarnations been located in Drury Lane since the 17th century. Also in Drury Lane is the New London Theatre, once a public house under the sign of the reputed mistress of the Earl of Craven, the Queen of Bohemia. Subsequently the gardens and courtyards of the house were built over with rows of small houses. At one time time Drury Lane was one of the worst slums in London, dominated by prostitution and gin palaces. Not quite the sophisticated, nor expensive, area of real estate today.


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