recovering commercial awnings at Moleskine

Recovering commercial awnings is a cost effective way of re-vitalising your shopfront or rebranding by using our graphics design facilities. This site, at the renowned Moleskine Store in Regent, Street is a typical example.

Recovering commercial awnings is a cost effective way of preserving your existing awning by changing  the appearance  or even creating a completely new logo or text  and colour update when circumstances demand. On this installation the awning to be recovered was a recessed system but our skilled technicians were able to extract the awning and recover it without difficulty. The black fabric contrasts with the sharp Moleskine logo and the overall impression is softened by the gentle scalloping of the valance.

What was once just a simple notebook has grown into an international renowned name famous for travelling documentation and folders of all types. Moleskine is a premium brand offering a wide selection of notebooks, writing implements, digital covers and much more. For life on the move browse the endless collections at Moleskine on Regent Street.

he street was completed in 1825 and was an early example of town planning in England, replacing a number of earlier roads including Swallow Street. Nash’s street layout has survived, although all the original buildings except All Souls Church have been replaced following reconstruction in the late 19th century. The street is known for its flagship retail stores, including Liberty, Hamleys, Jaeger and the Apple Store. The Royal Polytechnic Institution, now the University of Westminster, has been based on Regent Street since 1838.

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