Deans traditional blinds at Morden Refurbishment

The Deans traditional shop blind has been established as a key commercial awning  for  over three centuries for its strength and integrity as well as its faithfulness to the original John Dean design of the 1890s. This example has been installed at the popular Verona Restaurant in Morden as part of the high Street refurbishment scheme. We have been partners with Cuttle Construction on numerous schemes of this type across London and the South East and the Deans Traditional Shopblind has become a key feature on many of them.

Since its inception in 2000, the Cuttle Construction team has developed a good reputation for delivering well-finished projects of different sizes on time and on budget.

Verona has been  part of the redevelopment of Morden Court Parade. Service is excellent and the restaurant is well known  for its excellent freshly cooked food

Despite London’s suburban expansion, a little of the earlier rural nature of Morden has survived; for instance several grand period buildings remain, especially within Morden’s parks. The area retains a good provision of parks and green spaces, many of them created from former country estates. The 125 acre Morden Hall Park is of particular note and is run by the National Trust. Its main entrance is only a quarter-of-a-mile from Morden Underground Station.

The largest building in the town centre is Crown House, sixties-built and 14 storeys tall; designed in 1959 by A. Green ARIBA and built between 1960 and 1962. The concave frontage of the building lends it some distinction, as does the “chessboard” style juxtaposition of its light and dark facade features. It incorporated the Crown public house, on which site part of the building covered. The building is home to Merton Council’s Civic Centre and a large adjoining library.


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