Recovering awnings at Avonmore School Hammersmith

Recovering awnings is an important service which Deans offer to all new and existing customers . Recovering awnings and renovating awnings is a cost effective way of preserving your existing awning by changing  the appearance  or even making a complete graphics and colour change when circumstances demand, for example  a change of ownership. These awnings at the primary school Avonmore  in Hammersmith Southwest London are a typical example where the replacement of the awning would have been far more expensive had we not been able to recover the existing awnings.

In this case the Euro President awnings we recovered are an old model but there was no need to change them as Deans retain all the skills necessary to recover and maintain old and new model awnings

Avonmore is a popular and successful local school who aim to provide an educational community which is inclusive, caring and aspirational; creating a challenging environment where everyone works together to achieve their very best.

The fabulous Hammersmith Suspension Bridge, designed by William Tierney Clark, was built across the Thames in 1827, and rebuilt in 1893. In 1984–1985 the bridge received structural support, and between 1997 and 2000 the bridge underwent major strengthening work due to the stresses of modern traffic

In 1745, two Scots, James Lee and Lewis Kennedy, established the Vineyard Nursery, over six acres devoted to landscaping plants. During the next hundred and fifty years the nursery introduced many new plants to England, including fuchsia and the standard rose tree.

Major industrial sites included the Osram lamp factory at Brook Green, the J. Lyons factory (which at one time employed 30,000 people). During both World Wars, Waring & Gillow’s furniture factory, in Cambridge Grove, became the site of aircraft manufacture.

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