New technological breakthrough in awning graphics

Deans Blinds are known as a traditional blind and awning maker – in fact one of the very oldest in the UK, however, we will use technology wherever we believe it will be of benefit to our customers. The use of powder coatings to replace paint, electric controls to replace winding handles and  automated wireless system to provide total control. Now we have added the RAGS™ awning graphics application to support our well proven traditional sign writing skills.

The RAGS™ graphics System is a new exciting process which opens up many new avenues of design quickly and economically.  It enables us to create complex  branding where  even a photographic image can be transferred on to awning fabric. Your ideas become our reality and we are even able, at modest cost, to provide you with a pictorial layout before you finally commit, thus ensuring complete satisfaction.

From a technical standpoint, this stunning new process layers the base fabric with a technical, micro thermal skin which is just 50 microns thick. This layer is where all the nano technology takes place and allows you unprecedented freedom of design. The fine  micron cast layer is also resilient to soiling and UV and has been tested to withstand the sort of inclement weather we often experience here in the UK

Despite this new technique Deans still retain all those old skills which have been handed down through generations and traditional sign writing will always have  its place as does 24 carat gold leaf application when nothing but the best will do.

Our representative will work closely with you and our in house design team to ensure that the awning or blind you install on your premises will be noticed for its quality and vibrancy for a long years to come.

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