Fulham Football Club and Deans Blinds

Fulham Football Club and Deans blinds were inseparable for many years from their inception in the late 1800’s right up to the second World War. This is because one of their founders and long time Chairman and Benefactor was one John Dean, the founder of our Company.

John Dean, who can be seen proudly standing on the left of this photograph, was particularly pleased at the time as his Team had just won the Division championsip, again, for the 1906-1907 season.  Many of the players you see here in this photograph would have been Deans employees during the summer. Unlike today when a player in the premier league earns hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds, a week these chaps would have barely scraped by on a couple of pounds win bonuses and so had to supplement their off season income by installing and manufacturing blinds for Mr Dean..

Back them many wealthy people would have their outside blinds and canopies removed in the autumn and stored over the winter to be restored in the spring. Most of these awnings and canopies would have been made with wooden frames and cotton canvas covers and would be stored under the main wooden stands at Craven Cottage. Just think, wood and cotton canopies under a wooden stand with thousands of excited  chain smoking fans above – Health and Safety was a world away in those distant days.

There was a time when Craven Cottage was threatened with Closure and would have become a housing estate long before the second World War but Mr Deans stepped in with an enormous sum at the time of £5000.00 to secure the ground and therefor this iconic home of Association Football.

We may not employ football stars at Deans anymore but we think all our staff are stars in their own right and many of them share their experience with customers earned in the many years they have been with us.

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