Toucan Bar In Soho Have A New Canopy By Deans

The Toucan is a fabulous small pub just off Soho Square in Carlisle Street that has plenty of Guinness on tap. The seats downstairs are shaped like a Guinness punt and there’s a real atmosphere to the place because it specialises in Guinness and also has Guinness decor all around the pub. Recommended by Time out who said  ” If it’s the craic and the Guinness you are after you’ll find it at the Toucan.”

Deans have just refurbished the canopy outside which was looking rather tired by now is resplendent in Guinness black.  All graphics are applied by Deans using the latest decoration techniques to provide maximum impact and longevity.

Carlisle House was the name of two late seventeenth-century mansions in Soho, London, on opposite sides of Soho Square. One, at the end of Carlisle Street, is sometimes incorrectly said to have been designed by Christopher Wren was destroyed in the blitz.  The other end was the location of Madame Cornelys’  entertainments in the eighteenth century and was demolished in 1791; part of the site was cleared in 1891 for the building of St. Patrick’s church. Madame Cornely herself had an unfortunate death in the Debtors prison on Fleet Street.

The house itself was destroyed in a World War II bombing raid on 10–11 May 1941, a full-moon night, killing the caretaker and his wife and the local air-raid warden, who had been having tea together. On the site of the garden and later of the riding academy is Film House, the former headquarters of British Pathé.

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