Traditional Deans Shop Blind At Kahari Kulture, Morden

Another stage in our Morden regeneration scheme is this traditional Deans Shop Blind at Kahari Kultur. Installed into our own traditional hardwood awning box painted in the correct shade to match the building. Note especially the level way the traditional galvanised nails are set out on the front of the awning – all done by the eye of our craftsman installer – just the way we do things at Deans Blinds.

Karahi Kulture restaurant  provides a great selection of Chinese, Halal, Indian favourites. With a friendly and attentive staff you will always find good food and a warm welcome.

Human activity in Morden dates back to the Iron age period when Celtic tribes are known to have occupied areas around Wimbledon, but probably didn’t play tennis! However,  the first significant development in Morden was the construction of the Roman road called Stane Street from Chichester to London.

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